We won the Eczacıbaşı competition. Now we have five new brands!

We broke an unbreakable record by outdistancing a number of agencies and winning five different competitions for five different brands held by Eczacibasi Pharmaceuticals Marketing. Brands of Vicks First Defence, Daylong, Actinica, Medigard and Imutor now present in the ReHealth's customer portfolio.

ReHealth Healthcare Communication Agency having its name rather frequently mentioned thanks to recently won competitions and new customers, won all five competitions held by Eczacibasi Pharmaceuticals Marketing and achieved a phenomenal success in the industry. ,

Now, ReHealth will perform communication solutions integrated in all processes from strategic communication and brand consultancy to creative solutions for Eczacibasi Pharmaceuticals Marketing.

Eczacibasi Pharmaceuticals Marketing

Eczacibasi Pharmaceuticals Marketing, performing the promotion, marketing, sales and distribution of imported and contract manufactured pharmaceuticals and Medico-OTC products, is one of the most valuable marketing and sales companies in Turkey with regards to its product portfolio and target group. In cooperation with 20 licensing companies, Eczacibasi Pharmaceuticals Marketing performs sales of more than 100 products including products' different forms for 27 therapeutic classes directly to the pharmaceuticals warehouses in 13 main sales areas.